Studying in Atlantic Canada 
The Atlantic region is known for its beautiful landscapes, ocean views and welcoming maritime culture. The area is also home to supportive campus communities and some of the oldest and most renowned educational institutions in Canada. Find your new home away from home in Atlantic Canada! 

High quality education 
Students from around the world choose to study in the Atlantic region for its strong education system, smaller class sizes, and highly qualified faculty. As a student in Atlantic Canada, you can participate in the co-op programs, internships and research projects offered by many institutions. 

Affordable quality of life 
Atlantic Canada is renowned for its balance between work and play. Shorter commute times, affordable cost of living and natural beauty all around, students enjoy the quality of life they find on the East Coast. 

Opportunities to stay and build your career
Once you join your community in Atlantic Canada, you may never want to leave. The region’s economy is growing and there are many programs to get connected to career, mentorship, networking and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Living in Atlantic Canada 
Four provinces located on the country’s Atlantic coastline make up Atlantic Canada: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

The following Universities can be found in Atlantic Canada