CONSUP, NSCC respond to One NS Collaborative Action Plan

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia’s post-secondary education (PSE) leaders give the One Nova Scotia Coalition’s Collaborative Action Plan high marks upon the release today of “We Choose Now: a playbook for Nova Scotians.”
In a joint statement, Allister Surette, Recteur, Université Sainte-Anne and Chair, Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents (CONSUP) and Don Bureaux, President, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), said that, “The One NS Coalition has provided our province, our communities and citizens with a thoughtful plan. Its strategic focus on key economic growth opportunities and important areas of social development, its bias for action, measures of success and accountability for results add up to an excellent blueprint for the renewal of Nova Scotia’s economic prosperity and social cohesion.”
PSE leaders see a vital role for universities and NSCC in each of the seven areas of focus identified in the 10-year action plan. The recognition of universities and NSCC as “innovation hubs” as well as the emphasis on youth, immigration and welcoming communities, ICT sector momentum, global innovation and competitiveness, and Nova Scotia’s ocean advantage, speak directly to the strategic value of the higher education sector in this province.
Specifically, CONSUP and NSCC accept the challenge in the plan for universities and NSCC to play an even greater role as regional innovation hubs by bringing renewed energy to our long-standing commitments to economic and social development, R&D and commercialization, and experiential learning opportunities.
“Our students, our graduates, and our world-class researchers, academics and employees have a track record of solving the problems, maximizing the opportunities and answering the questions that our communities bring to us. We are our communities. We know that this great work can be amplified with increased collaboration across our institutions and with the private sector, and through the applied learning opportunities that we offer,” said M. Surette and Mr. Bureaux.
They added that, “the geographic reach of our universities (10) and community college campuses (13) in urban and rural communities from one end of the province to the other, is a huge competitive advantage for Nova Scotia and one that must be further leveraged.”
“Together, we are ready to work with Nova Scotians to step up to the challenges and opportunities presented in this action plan.” 
For further information, contact:
Peter Halpin, Executive Director, CONSUP: (902) 425-4238
Kathleen Cameron, Senior Communications Advisor, NSCC: (902) 491-4899