Faculty Development Committee

AAU Coordinating Committee on Faculty Development

The AAU Coordinating Committee on Faculty Development was established at the direct request of the AAU Council. The first meeting was held in November 1989.

Aims/Objectives: The Committee facilitates teaching enhancement at AAU member institutions through promoting regional workshops, seminars and symposia on faculty development themes, and serving as a clearinghouse for faculty development information. The Committee established, and now serves as the selection committee for the AAU’s annual awards for excellence in teaching and educational leadership.

Officers/Terms of Office: Chair: Leigh-Ann MacFarlane, Mount Saint Vincent University

Membership: At least one person from each of the AAU member institutions, designated by the President to represent her/his institution.

Frequency of meetings: Meetings are held three times a year.

Other relevant information: In addition to the above-noted activities, the Committee produces on-line proceedings from an annual Teaching Showcase, hosted by one of the members. Also, in conjunction with each Showcase, the Committee brings together the most recent teaching award recipients from the various universities for a half-day retreat. A Distinguished Service Award has been established for former members who have made extraordinary and sustained contributions to the Committee and who have, by way of this service, contributed positively to faculty development in Atlantic Canada for a period of at least three years.

Two surveys of teaching enhancement activities within AAU member institutions have also been conducted, the first in 1988 which led directly to the creation of the Committee; the second in 1994 which served to provide comparative data on progress made in teaching development over the intervening time.