Atlantic Indigenous PSE Committee


Atlantic Indigenous PSE Committee

Committee Members

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Mandate of the Committee

The Working Committee was established by the Association of Atlantic Universities Council with the following mandate:

  1. To share information about initiatives that one or more AAU member universities are undertaking with respect to Aboriginal education or research.
  2. To advise the AAU on measures that can be taken, through collaboration among AAU member institutions, to improve university access, retention and graduation for Aboriginal students. 
  3. To create opportunities for faculty, staff and students at member institutions to learn more about and develop best practices in Aboriginal student support, instruction and retention.
  4. To collaborate with the Atlantic Aboriginal Advisors Networking Group to address and progress initiatives of benefit to Aboriginal learners.
  5. To identify other measures universities can take to contribute to the health and well-being of Aboriginal communities in the Atlantic region, through activities such as research and capacity building.

Composition and Decision Making

  1. The composition of the Committee is as follows: 

    - At minimum, one representative from a majority of AAU universities.
     - One representative of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs (APCFNC).
    - The Chair of the Atlantic Aboriginal Advisors Networking Group.
    - The Executive Director of the AAU (ex officio).
    - One representative from the Atlantic Community colleges.
    - The working party may invite/elect up to 2 additional members from outside the postsecondary sector.

  2. University members of the Committee are appointed by the President of their respective university and serve at the pleasure of the President. Where possible, the designated representatives will include persons of aboriginal origin and others who are active in teaching, research or outreach to the aboriginal communities and organizations of the Atlantic region. Representatives of the APCFNC are appointed by the organization’s Executive Director.
  3. The quorum at Committee meetings is 8 voting members. 
  4. Decision-making will normally be by consensus, but a vote can be taken when necessary. When a vote is taken, a simple majority of those in attendance (assuming quorum) is required to make a decision. If quorum is not available, conclusions will be reported to those not in attendance who will be asked to ratify decisions. Again, a simple majority is required and members will be asked to respond within one week of receiving the minutes. Non response will be considered as acceptance.
  5. The Working Committee will meet a minimum of two times per year.

Selection of Co-chairs

  1. The Working Committee shall have two persons who will serve as co-chairs, and they will alternate in chairing meetings.
  2. The two co-chairs will not normally come from the same institution or province.
  3. Co-chairs will not act as Chairs on Sub-committees
  4. The Co-chairs are nominated and selected by the Working Committee for a two year term with the option of renewal. It is desirable for at least one of the co-chairs to be an Aboriginal member of the Committee.
  5. At any particular meeting of the Working Committee, the person chairing the meeting will be non-voting except when voting results in a tie, at which point the chair of the meeting can vote to break the tie.


  1. The Working Committee will report to the AAU through a designated member of Council.
  2. The Working Committee will produce an annual report summarizing its activities.


Revised: October 11, 2018