The Life Changers

Developing a gene that helps identify those prone to a deadly form of heart disease; developing a marine simulation centre that creates a virtual sailing experience; dating trees and heritage buildings to provide greater insight into climate change; creating a hospital centre to hone operating room skills and initiating a program to help people lose weight and improve quality of life.

The Life Changers is a five-episode documentary series of half hour programs that focuses on issues such as these that are important to Atlantic Canadians and their communities. Traveling to universities across the region, this series highlights extraordinary work, groundbreaking research and Atlantic Canada’s most innovative thinkers who are committed to solving the greatest challenges of this new century.

The Life Changers is produced by the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) on behalf of its 17 member institutions.

Throughout the series, we will meet the researchers, their students and the people directly affected by health, environmental, scientific and lifestyle challenges. The Life Changers tells compelling stories about the region’s top researchers and their lifelong dedication toward providing a better future for Atlantic Canadians and their communities.